Amber Foundation

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UK only (nationwide)

Amber helps young people transform their lives.
They come to us without work, without self-esteem and without any sense of direction. Almost all are unemployed, homeless, have a history of substance misuse, or been involved in crime.
In return for a commitment on their part to work towards achieving a better future we help them develop the skills and self-confidence to do so.
Amber becomes their temporary home. In a friendly and relaxed, yet structured, environment they learn about the world of employment and further education. They learn about being a good tenant, and how to live on a budget. More generally, they learn about presenting themselves in a positive light, interacting successfully with others and maintaining a sense of their own self- worth.
By the time they leave us, they’re ready to lead sustainable independent lives and for the last six years over 80% have done so.
“Thanks to Amber I’m working and leading a clean and healthy lifestyle. If it hadn’t been for Amber I’d either be dead or spending the rest of my life in prison though drugs and crime and various other things I was getting into. Amber saved my life really.”