Hedgehog Bottom

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UK only (local)

Hedgehog Bottom was formed in 2007 to provide a rescue and rehab facility for native wild hedgehogs.
Hedgehogs have been on this planet for 15 million years. Since 1955 we have lost 95% of the population, not just in the UK but right across Europe. If this carries on there will be none left by 2020.
These animals have to battle through more problems than any other wildlife and yet they are listed as the UKs favourite animal. They are now on the Protected Species list.
If they get the right treatment the prognosis is good. By constantly updating our methods we are now releasing over 90% of the patients we take in but we do need your help to achieve this. Medications, vet fees as well as day to day running costs can be extremely expensive especially during orphan season when the tiny nestlings have to be hand fed on specialist food imported from the USA.
We operate 24/7 taking in injured, sick and orphaned animals from members of the public as well as vets, the Police and occasionally the RSPCA. We have no paid staff and depend entirely on donations from the public.