Medical Detection Dogs

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UK only (nationwide)

Our dogs are trained to assist individuals who manage complex health conditions. They are taught to identify the odour changes that are associated with life threatening medical events.

For people with diabetes the loss of low blood sugar warnings can have a devastating effect.

Low blood sugar levels are very dangerous if left untreated. Symptoms vary from confusion to seizures to comas, and can become life threatening.

For some people with diabetes deliberately raising their blood sugar levels was the only way to prevent severe hypos. We know that high blood sugars over a period of time are likely to cause disastrous consequences including amputations, sight loss, heart disease, strokes and renal failure.

With their amazing sense of smell our dogs are trained to detect minute changes in blood sugar levels. When these levels fall or rise outside the normal range they will warn their owner, get help and fetch any vital medical supplies.

We also provide alert dogs for those with other very dangerous health conditions including Addisons disease, pain seizures which lead to collapse and hospitalisation; severe allergic responses.

We continue to investigate other debilitating and potentially fatal conditions which our dogs may have the ability to help.