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Railway Children fight for vulnerable children who live alone on the streets, where they suffer abuse and exploitation. In the UK, society often denies their existence and in other countries the problem is so prevalent that it has become ‘normal’.

They run away or are forced to leave homes where they suffer poverty, violence, abuse and neglect. They find themselves living on the streets because there is nowhere else to go and no one left to turn to. The problems they face on the streets are often even worse than those they endured at home. Every day we fight to change their story.

Railway Children race to reach children as soon as they arrive on the streets and intervene before an abuser can. Our pioneering work enable us to get to street children before the streets get to them.

Railway Children in the News

Self-sufficient farming in East Africa
We are looking to expand our pilot project in Kitale, Kenya to other parts of Kenya and Tanzania. The project provides funds and expertise for families to better use plots to grow vegetables and become self sufficient. Families accessing this support are those whose children we are working with to reintegrate back home, where poverty or food insecurity were often key reasons they left in the first place.

Mary was forced to send three of her children to an orphanage due to poverty and illness, but John began to run away and was picked up by our project. Through our support, Mary transformed a plot that she previously used just for maize, and has managed to grow enough produce to start a business. She is now able to support her family to the extent that she is ready for her three children to return home from the orphanage.

£20 could pay for the basic tools needed to prepare land for planting.

Source: Railway Children website, 19th June 2012