999 Club


Charity Name: 999 Club

What we do

The 999 Club give a warm welcome to homeless people. The homeless support team gives housing advice and accompanies people every step of the way to finding a sustainable housing solution. The learning and activities programme offers classes from life skills to literacy. Health and well-being partners give support to people with alcohol, drug and mental and physical health problems. The Winter Night Shelter provides accommodation for rough-sleepers.

What our service users say about us

“I was known by social services by the time I was 3 months old. The 999 Club has been a roof over my head. They have been the only ones who have helped me. At the 999 Club I have talked to CRI (the substance misuse team) to get guidance. They helped me understand how much damage I’m doing to myself. I also spoke to someone about getting my cycle proficiency so I can get around. On Friday I’m having a meeting about my housing. My application will be sent out and hopefully I’ll get a place. I don’t know what I want to do, that’s what worries me. But I do want to study English, so I can write, increase my vocabulary. I write poetry just to get it all out. I am optimistic and excited for the future—it can only get better.”

“I have been homeless since the beginning of 2015 and am now staying in a hostel. The 999 Club means everything to me. If it wasn’t here I wouldn’t have anywhere to go during the day, especially when it’s cold. I stayed in their Winter Night Shelter in 2015 for a month from February until it closed in March. I like writing on the computers here. I like writing stories. I wasn’t sure at first but I enjoy writing things. Now I’m going to be doing a course in Creative Writing at Deptford Reach. I’m really proud of that. I also enjoy taking part in the collaborative cooking class and am looking forward to getting a certificate at the end of it. I like coming here, I’ve got friends here and they do a great cottage pie!”

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