AF&V Launchpad Limited known as ‘Launchpad’


Charity Name: AF&V Launchpad Limited known as ‘Launchpad’

Launchpad is a veterans’ charity that provides accommodation and targeted support, with the assistance of specialist providers, to help homeless veterans stabilise their lives and make a successful transition from military to civilian life.

For most veterans, the transition from the armed forces to civilian life is smooth but more often than not, those few who can’t resettle easily face challenges such as homelessness, poverty, mental and physical health issues, addictions, broken families and unemployment.

Launchpad was created to help veterans overcome these challenges and to live positive and rewarding lives thereafter. Around 90% of the veterans who arrive at Launchpad are homeless and are supported for up to two years (longer if necessary).

Since it was established in 2013, the charity has supported over 550 veterans within its two houses in Liverpool and Newcastle upon Tyne. Speke House in Liverpool includes 48 self-contained flats while Avondale House in Newcastle, comprises 33 self-contained one-bedroom flats. 62% of residents successfully moved on to settled accommodation and 36% left in paid employment.

Launchpad staff help residents to claim their benefit entitlements and develop a personal action plan to address their often, complex needs. Staff work with multiple funders, local authorities, housing, training, employment and health and wellbeing partners to provide the necessary assistance for the veterans.

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