Angel Shed Theatre Company


Charity Name: Angel Shed Theatre Company

Angel Shed Theatre Company is a charity supported solely by sponsorship and donation and the only truly inclusive theatre company in Islington. We run theatre workshops and stage performance that bring together children and young people aged 7-16 from all parts of the community whatever their social or educational background.

We began life in September 2004 as part of the initiative of renowned theatre company, Chickenshed, to create a network of independent ‘sheds’ working with their inclusive methods.

Since then we’ve continued to grow and develop to become an established inclusive theatre workshop provider in Islington.

Our inclusive approach sets us apart. We believe in giving every child, regardless of their educational or physical needs, or their socio-economic, religious or ethnic backgrounds, the chance to be involved in the performing arts.

We give children and young people – who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to do so – the chance to explore a whole new, rich, exciting and safe creative world. In the process they grow in confidence and develop respect for themselves and each other. They also develop the ability to engage with the performing arts in a variety of different ways.

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