Catholic Childrens Society (Westminster)


Charity Name: Catholic Childrens Society (Westminster)

Through our front line family centres in Poplar, Muswell Hill and Kensington we deliver vital front line interventions to children and families living in relational, emotional or economic poverty. This work incudes the provision of nursery and play therapy sessions for younger children, support and counselling for parents, help with managing finance and provision of clothing, food, holidays and gifts to families who would not otherwise be part of our everyday society. Many of the children we work with live in high rise apartments, they have no exercise and recently we have worked with a 5 year old who did not know how to run! Some families have never been outside East London, never had the opportunity to experience a holiday or see cattle grazing in fields. Sadly the number of families coming to us for support is increasing – many of them are in work, but paid low wages, barely enough to get by.
From our centre at Muswell Hill and from our HQ we also offer a psychotherapy services to pupils’, parents’ and staff in schools. Helping people to understand the issues surrounding mental wellbeing (both those who are suffering and those looking to support them) is a key service provision. In addition to schools we also work with local councils and police to support people experiencing traumatic times in their lives.

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