Charity for Civil Servants


Charity Name: Charity for Civil Servants

Life’s great when things are sunny. But along the way, stuff happens. We can’t always prevent the tricky, stressful, sad stuff from happening (although we wish we could!). But whenever it does happen, we can help you get the best support. 

Whether you’re a current, former or retired civil servant, we get where you’re coming from. Whenever life gets tough – make us the first people you call. We’ll support you with whatever problem you’re against – from mental health struggles to relationship issues, and getting through grief to financial assistance.

Think of us as a sort of umbrella. An umbrella for civil servants, if you will. Here to keep you safe and dry – and to support you whenever the days don’t feel so bright. So you can be your best self – whatever the weather.

 And with you by our side, we can help even more. Thank you for your support. It means the world. 


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