Cycle-smart Foundation


Charity Name: Cycle-smart Foundation

We work to safeguard children and young people who cycle and encouraging them to wear helmets to prevent/reduce head injury that can be devastating and life lasting.
Child cyclists are one of the most vulnerable of road users.  Children take greater risk and do not have the road skills of adult road users.  We provide educational programmes in schools throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, offer subsidised helmets to families on low income or who otherwise could not afford to purchase a helmet for their child.  The charity works with young people to help them understand the need for safer cycling practice and to help them deal with peer pressure that can affect the child not wanting to wear a helmet.
The charity was established in 1998 by a paediatric nurse and since then has continued to keep the welfare of the child in the forefront of its activities. The charity is small and therefore overheads are low,  allowing funds received to have a greater impact on the direct safety aspects of our work.

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