Cycling UK


Charity Name: Cycling UK

Cycling UK’s ambition is to create a world where millions more people cycle by improving conditions for all.

Imagine a world where our streets aren’t clogged with cars and the air is clean to breathe, where parking is never a problem and your commute to work or school leaves you feeling ready to tackle the day.

We are a membership-based charity which has championed the rights of cyclists for more than 140 years. As well as supporting our members, we also work directly with centres all over the UK to reach those who would benefit from cycling the most.

We’re also defending cyclists’ rights to safer roads to bring about better infrastructure, working to get the most dangerous lorries off urban streets, campaigning to make it easier to bring bikes on public transport and providing legal protection for all cyclists.

Your generous donation today can help change the world for the better by making cycling a normal, everyday activity for everyone.

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