Felines 1st


Charity Name: Felines 1st

Felines 1st is comprised of a group of volunteers, some with over 25 years of experience working in cat welfare. This experience has led to the understanding that cat welfare needs to be brought back to its fundamental basics i.e. putting the cat first. Felines 1st believes in a non-destruction policy unless the cat is suffering with a terminal illness or hopelessly injured and is therefore beyond veterinary help.

Felines 1st works with both domestic and feral cats and has working relationships with other charities in the area to ensure that no cat in need is left alone or in need.

Our vision is to work towards a society where no cat is left alone or vulnerable and all cats are treated with compassion, kindness and care. Felines 1st is striving for no cat in the Surrey/Sussex area to be left behind, forgotten or abandoned when in need.

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