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Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries

With the help of our valued supporters, Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries are working towards a better future for animals through compassion, education, and advocacy.

Learn more about our three-pronged approach to driving positive change:


We care for over 350 rescued animals at our headquarters: Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary based in Worcestershire. Set in 92 tranquil acres, the site reflects our residents’ natural habitat as well as providing an inspiring place to welcome visitors. We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent standard of care for the rescued animals, which means not only caring for all of their physical needs (with high-quality food, routine care and veterinary attention) but also providing enrichment to keep support their emotional and mental wellbeing.


As one of the only animal sanctuaries in the UK with a dedicated Education & Outreach department, we take public engagement and compassionate learning seriously. Working closely with schools, community groups, and the public, we provide opportunities for visitors of all ages to make a meaningful connection with our residents, with the aim of reshaping perceptions of so called “farmed” animals and driving positive change across all generations.


Goodheart identifies that rescue alone is not the solution. We must raise awareness and induce policy change to ensure a future in which sanctuaries like ours are no longer needed.  We are therefore working on expanding our campaign activities to reach even more people with our message of kindness. We speak up for the animals in our care, focusing on positive stories of rescue, backing national initiatives to end animal cruelty, and encouraging others to make more informed and compassionate lifestyle choices.

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