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Little Lives UK

We are a children’s charity that support children and young people living around the UK who are living with disabilities or are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We support children by providing access to free mental health services, free sports sessions, free activities and free technology to those who need it for their education.

In the past year we have worked with and supported 18 organisations that work with children and young people around the UK. We have ensured that 406 children have received mental health sessions, that is an average of 6 per week. We have provided around 2400 free mental health sessions.

We have donated 236 devices to children who need them, sponsored 7 sports teams and have provided hundreds of children access to free activities and clubs that provide a safe place.

Please contact us if you would like to know anymore about our charity and the work we do for children in the UK.


Registered Charity No. 1171884

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