Charity Name: Motivation

Millions of disabled people in the developing world live in extreme poverty. Without wheelchairs, they are unable to leave their homes and play an active role in their communities. Without healthcare, they are affected by life-threatening but preventable complications like pressure sores. Without understanding from society, they experience stigma and discrimination that leaves them isolated and alone.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Motivation’s wheelchairs, services and advocacy work are creating a fairer society where everyone has the freedom to live the life they choose. Our wheelchairs are designed to suit the challenging environments in the developing world. Tailored to each user, they ensure the best support for complex needs. Our expert staff and volunteers deliver training that inspires confidence and self-belief. We lead sessions on everything from health to disability rights to job skills. We challenge stigma and discrimination in communities, workplaces and schools to create an inclusive society where everyone can play a part.

The Giveacar donors gladly support Motivation as their efforts contribute to providing wheelchairs for disabled people. Their work ensures people live happy and fair lives. Donating your car with Giveacar can help Motivation continue their valued work, so please think of them when donating your car.

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