My Shining Star Childrens Cancer Charity

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My Shining Star Childrens Cancer Charity

My Shining Star are a small, locally based charity that was formed to help families severely impacted by the costs of living with a child with cancer. Most families we encounter are struggling with loss of at least one income (due to caring for the child). Most are facing expenses such as travel costs, parking, rising debts, difficulties buying food and sometimes even homelessness.

The average treatment length is 3 years, however in some cases this can be much longer and has a devastating impact on the families we support.

We help families pick up the shortfall of these costs by helping with travel costs, utilities, therapy, medical equipment, white goods, reducing debts and more.

My Shining Star also gives support to siblings and bereaved families who then receive no government support when their child sadly passes away.

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