Charity Name: myaware

Myaware is the only charity in the UK dedicated solely to the care and support of people affected by myasthenia.

We support people affected by myasthenia, raise awareness about these conditions, fund research to find new therapies to reduce the impact of the conditions and ultimately find a cure.

Myasthenia is a neurological condition which is characterized by fluctuating, sometimes potentially fatal, muscle weakness. It affects an estimated 12,000 people in the UK.

It is a lifelong condition that can affect anyone at any age and in some cases, from birth. Myasthenia can be treated and managed, but there is no cure.

Myaware covers the whole of the UK with an active network of Support Groups meeting regularly throughout the year alongside a growing online support community. We also provide specialist counselling and welfare benefits advice to our members, alongside raising awareness of the condition with healthcare professionals and other voluntary organisations.

We are funding research to help improve treatment of living with an invisible, long-term illness and one day, we hope to find that all-important cure.

Membership to myaware is free and is open to people with myasthenia, their families and carers, as well as clinicians and practitioners.

By supporting myaware through GiveACar, you are helping to make a difference to people living with myasthenia – you are letting them know that they are not alone.

For more information about myasthenia and myaware please visit our website.

Thank you for fighting myasthenia together with us!

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