New Economics Foundation


Charity Name: New Economics Foundation

Our mission is to change the rules of the economy so it works for people and planet.

We combine supporting people igniting change from below with policies, research and influence to change the rules of the game.

For more than 30 years, we have developed radical, progressive ideas that go beyond tinkering at the edges. From the Jubilee debt cancellation campaign, to the original Green New Deal report, to the four-day week, we have been at the heart of the key ideas and movements that have transformed lives and can rewrite the future.

Throughout this time, we have been supported through the generosity of thousands of people who believe in a better future and want to make it happen. While wealthy individuals and corporations have the power influence policy, ordinary people have come together by supporting NEF. Their donations underpin our work, giving NEF the security to commit to working with communities long enough to achieve fundamental change, but also the flexibility to react to new problems when they arise.

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