parental alienation awareness


Charity Name: parental alienation awareness

We are a charity established in order to raise awareness and campaign against Parental Alienation.

“Parental Alienation” is the term given to describe a set of coercive and controlling behaviours that leads to a child emotionally cutting off from a “good enough” parent who poses no safeguarding risk to them. It is a form of child psychological and domestic abuse, using the child as a weapon against an ex partner. It happens to mothers and fathers, but is most common following divorce / separation or child contact disputes.

This form of emotional abuse leads to 1/3rd of children from separated families having their other parent completely erased from their life. It impacts on a child’s development, mental health and prospects, it also impacts on their entire family.

Parental Alienation is not sufficiently recognised by UK Parliament, family courts or child related services.


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