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Our mission is to empower all with parental or educational responsibility to improve the life chances of children, young people and their communities. Parents are crucial partners in education and have the greatest influence on their children’s ability to enjoy learning, achieve at school and reach their potential. But all too often parents are not recognised as the vital partners in education that they are, and do not get the right support to help them meaningfully participate. Since our inception almost 70 years ago, we have been vital in facilitating communication and collaboration between parents, schools, and policymakers across the UK.

85% of parents want to play an active role in their children’s education, and the evidence is clear that parental participation in education benefits all children in all schools, improved educational outcomes and delivers benefits for society as a whole. But parents do not all come equally equipped and resourced to support their children’s education. Families’ individual circumstances, as well as wider structural inequities, mean that some parents find it easier and some harder to support their children’s schooling.

We exist to empower all with parental or educational responsibility to improve the life chances of children and young people.
• We offer specialist knowledge to help our 13,000 parent volunteer committees run effectively, and bring fundraising support and advice to help maximise the benefits for young people.
• We champion parental participation in education and work to empower parents to support education at home and to engage and participate in school life – providing information, practical resources, training, and support. We know this improves educational and life outcomes for children.
• We have developed robust tools to help schools assess how parent-friendly they are, and take steps to proactively improve parental participation.
• Parentkind gives everyone with a parenting role a voice in education. We invest in representing parent views on their child’s learning to local, regional and national governments and campaigning for societal change.
• The National Parents Survey is the largest parents survey in the country, collecting the views and opinions of over 5,000 parents. We use this to inform our work.

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