Charity Name: Possible

At Possible, we know we need to tackle the climate crisis, and we need to move fast.
The sheer scale of action required means it will touch everyone’s lives. If we’re going to move at the speed required – and if we’re going to ensure the new world we build is a fair one – people and communities have to be involved. Politicians, corporations and other established institutions will have to play a key role too, but they will only move fast enough once they know their constituents and customers are on board.

The climate movement must be a mass movement or it simply won’t achieve its aims.

There are very few NGOs dedicated exclusively to tackling climate change in the UK, and none that share our focus on inspiring the public with practical action open to all.

At Possible, we create, build, and share ways people can take meaningful action on climate change. Combining individual and local actions with larger systemic change, we face our climate dread with a can-do attitude and sense of fun. Whether we’re running tree-planting days, plugging community-owned solar to train lines or lobbying MPs on onshore wind, everything we do is about inspiring more people to take more ambitious action on climate change.

“Possible is that rare beast which applies a true campaigning spirit to achieving positive climate outcomes. They also consistently punch above their weight, are creative, inspiring and innovative.” — Baroness Bryony Worthington, environmental campaigner

“Possible is finding the key places and tipping-point moments that can shake up the status quo and offer an alternative approach to our energy future. I’m inspired.” — Jon Snow, broadcaster

The climate crisis is deadly serious, tackling it doesn’t have to be. We’re stubbornly optimistic and want to bring people together to change the world.

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