Project Gambia: People Feeding People


Charity Name: Project Gambia: People Feeding People

Project Gambia is a Catholic charity which is ran entirely by volunteers to support St. John’s School for the Deaf, St. Patrick’s Lower Basic School and St. Joseph’s Nursery School in one of Africa’s poorest countries.

The school and its 1,000+ pupils are supported in a variety of way – primarily through the feeding programme. Outwith the feeding programme, children are provided with school bags, school uniforms and other educational materials.

In St. John’s School for the Deaf, some of the children have been provided with hearing aids. This has allowed St. John’s to act as the centre for hearing tests and hearing aids in the whole of The Gambia. We have set up a functioning audiology department within the school.

We were able to buy the children a school bus in 2016. Unfortunately, there would need to be another vehicle to ensure safe transport for all of the children living at some distance from the school. The reason the school buses are so essential is because many of the children were being ran over by cars on their way to/from school before we began supporting the schoool – due to being Deaf.

Having a car to transport the materials for the school and transport children to the school and/or audiology department would be vital in ensuring our support to St. John’s can be maximised.

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