Charity Name: RBLI

Since 1919, RBLI has been supporting wounded, injured and sick veterans for 100 years. To mark this important year we are expanding our services to care for even more vulnerable people in the Village, as well as creating services to support elderly, isolated veterans living throughout Kent by building further homes and community facilities in our village in Aylesford, Kent to support an additional 100 veterans for the next 100 years.

An example of a veteran we have helped on our village is former Royal Engineer and AGC, Tim, who was diagnosed with severe PTSD after serving in the Armed Forces for 23 years. His significant military career, which began in 1987, includes the Gulf War, Bosnia, Northern Ireland and 2 tours of Iraq. Unfortunately, his extensive service eventually took a toll on his mental health and he found himself struggling at work. As a proud military man, Tim found it difficult to admit he had a problem or that he needed help. With RBLI’s help, Tim’s story today is very different and he is now a Team Leader in RBLI’s leading social enterprise ‘I come to work with a smile now – I never did before RBLI’.

RBLI is well known throughout Kent and means a great deal to many who have grown up with us, and whose family stories are part of our heritage.  We help veterans, their families and people with disabilities in their time of need; we support them to live the most independent life possible for them. Right now, for every person we can help, there’s one we can’t. That’s why we need more local support; with more funding we can grow our village, support more people who need us and help them to find their purpose again. We believe no veteran should feel lonely, isolated or worthless.

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