Riana Development Network


Charity Name: Riana Development Network

Riana Development Network (RDN supports disadvantaged ethnically diverse  communities.

Aims: RDN ensures disadvantaged people gain skills, confidence & support to become independent & make a positive contribution to the community.

RDN pursues its objectives through capacity building, research, training and advice and including community members at all levels. RDN also provide opportunities to overcome poverty and inequality by supporting community integration through activities such as intergenerational volunteering schemes, supplementary education, Health and wellbeing courses, Food redistribution, Global linking, Youth Mentoring and Training Programme.

Local people are supported to amplify their own capabilities and skills to address physical and mental health challenges in a safe space whilst taking ownership of their choices and decisions.

Activities: Youth programmes, Information guidance and Advice, conservation, nature & horticultural activities, supplementary education, training and myriad mental & physical health services.


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