RSPCA Rochdale – Rochdale Animal Centre

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RSPCA Rochdale – Rochdale Animal Centre

Rochdale Animal Centre is part of the independent RSPCA branch network.  The people of Rochdale and surrounding areas have always had a soft spot for animals and today, the branch is more active than ever.

2019 marks the 80th anniversary of Rochdale Animal Centre with 2020 marking the 130th anniversary of the RSPCA Rochdale and District branch.

The Animal Centre is in full swing 24 hours a day, and the staff and volunteers in our eleven charity shops are forever busy.  We rely on our supporters, fundraisers and the great team of highly trained staff and volunteers, all working with enthusiasm and dedication to ensure that the stray and unwanted animals brought to our centre, some; the victims of cruelty, the rescued wildlife with such diverse needs, are all cared for, rehabilitated and re-homed or released where possible.

All those involved here at Rochdale gladly give their time and resources to ensure that this branch keeps going from strength to strength.  The cost of running the centre is met by various means and fundraising is always a priority here at Rochdale, where, with your donation, long may this centre continue to help those animals than cannot help themselves.

As a branch, we can only raise funds within the Borough of Rochdale, so any donation will be gratefully received.  If you live in the Rochdale Borough, Giveacar can arrange the collection and donation of your vehicle, quickly, free of charge but definitely with of our appreciation.  Thank you.

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