Seahaven Wildlife Rescue


Charity Name: Seahaven Wildlife Rescue

Seahaven Wildlife Rescue is a small wildlife rescue charity covering Brighton and surrounding areas, dedicated to the rescue, treatment, release and rehabilitation of injured wildlife.

Started in 2012 with one injured bird, they now receive hundreds of calls a year. Seahaven Wildlife Rescue is proud to say that everything they do is from the heart, right from their Trustees to their rescue volunteers. No-one takes any money for being a part of the Seahaven Wildlife Rescue team, meaning donors can be certain that the money received is being spent responsibly and for the single purpose of helping save the lives of British wildlife.

Their mission is to care for and rehabilitate wildlife with the only aim to relieve them of suffering and to release them back into the wild if they are able to behave as they would normally in the wild. They receive no additional funding and is therefore only made possible through donations received by the public.

It is vital that British wildlife is helped in any way possible to maintain our beautiful shores, woodlands and green spaces. It is with thanks to organisations such as Seahaven Wildlife Rescue that our great countryside is being preserved for everyone to enjoy and admire.

Giveacar and its donors are proud supporters of Seahaven Wildlife Rescue as they work hard to help animals in pain and suffering to rehabilitation or a humane end. If you’re planning to scrap or sell your car, give a car instead to help save an animal’s life. Your donation can help prevent our countryside from deteriorating. Do a good deed and help Seahaven Wildlife Rescue when you donate your car to charity.


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