Spaniel Aid UK


Charity Name: Spaniel Aid UK

We are a group of Cocker and English Springer Spaniel owners and lovers who have become increasingly concerned by the number of these wonderful dogs being offered for sale or even worse, free to a good home, on internet selling sites. Our aim is to advise owners of the dangers of this, help and advise owners who genuinely have to re home their dogs of better alternatives, encourage people to relinquish to rescue and take into our care any dogs whose welfare we are concerned about.

In October 2016, we became a UK Registered Charity here for the benefit of the public to relieve the suffering of dogs namely but not exclusively spaniels, who are abandoned, stray or otherwise in need of care and attention. We provide and assist in the provision of rescuing, rehoming and fostering of these dogs and treat and care for them where necessary.

When we see a ‘free to a good home’ dog advertisement, as well as any that are £150 or less, we will email, message or call and offer to help by taking the dog in to be fostered and subsequently adopted. Some people don’t reply, some people can be a little bit rude, but there are some who are simply grateful for the help and advice and it is these that make it all worth while.

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