Supporters of Stray and Abandoned Dogs (SoSAD)


Charity Name: Supporters of Stray and Abandoned Dogs (SoSAD)

SoSAD was registered by the Charities Commission on 1st April 2008 and has been active in fundraising and volunteer activities since that date.

SoSAD has raised funds, which has allowed us to provide financial assistance to Deerness Kennels Rescue Centre, in Langley Moor, Durham, enabling us to make a major contribution to the vet bills and associated health care costs relating to the stray and abandoned dogs. As a charity we have no paid staff – all money collected by the charity goes to help the dogs.

Many of the stray dogs collected by the Dog Wardens in Darlington are taken to the Rescue Centre or handed in by the public who may not be able to cope any more due to health problems or personal circumstances have changed, perhaps moving into sheltered accommodation where they are no longer allowed pets. All unclaimed dogs brought in by the dog warden are moved into the Stray Dog kennels, where they are given health checks, wormed, flea treatment and micro-chipped. The dogs are also neutered. They are then available for re-homing.

SoSAD promotes a non-destruction policy within County Durham. Donations help SoSAD provide quality care, rehabilitation and re-homing of abandoned and homeless dogs. Donations will really make a difference to those dogs that are in need the most.

SoSAD (Supporters of Stray And Abandoned Dogs) is a sister website with but we are both part of the same charity. StrayAction is run by Deerness Kennels and SoSAD is run by the charity directly. We both have the same aim – to find these wonderful dogs their forever home and to raise money to support the dogs until they do.

Simon Donnelly, Chairperson, SoSAD

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