Syrian community council


Charity Name: Syrian community council

Syrian community council based in Manchester, registered as CIO charity Organization, charity number 1202204.
We exist to promote social inclusion for the public benefit of people in Greater Manchester and United Kingdom who are refugees or asylum seekers (in particular, people of Syrian heritage) and who are socially excluded on the grounds of their ethnic origin, religion, belief or creed to relieve the needs of such people and assist them to integrate into society, in particular by:
• increasing opportunities for members of the Syrian community to engage with service providers. To  enable those providers to adapt services to better meet the needs of that community.
• providing peer support and other activities that build people’s confidence and enable them to participate more effectively with the wider community.
• promoting social and recreational events involving the local community.
• building people’s knowledge and confidence in their own cultural heritage and its
potential contribution to a multi-cultural society.

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