The Fox Rescuers


Charity Name: The Fox Rescuers

The Fox Rescuers is an animal Charity based in Stockport which specialises exclusively in the rescue, rehabilitation and subsequent release of foxes. The rescue is run by Paul McDonald and Carol Gowrie who set up the rescue in June 2019 and who, combined, have over 12 years of hands-on experience with foxes. A network of volunteers throughout the North West and West Midlands enables the rescue to deal with an extensive catchment area. We are one of only a very few rescues who specialise in foxes, therefore we are contacted by people from across the UK for help and advice. For those who fall outside our catchment area we can offer advice, homeopathic remedies and details of more local rescues. We have been inspected and approved by our veterinary practice and are also an RSPCA approved rescue which enables us to take referrals from them.

We offer a 24 hour emergency helpline for foxes in need of emergency care who fall within our catchment area of the North West and West Midlands, along with a 24 hour advice line for those outside of that area. For non-emergencies within our catchment we offer a trapping service for foxes with illnesses and injuries which need treatment and veterinary care. Whilst we use conventional medication on the foxes which are brought in to us and ensure they receive the best veterinary care, we are also able to send out homeopathic remedies to those foxes with more minor issues that do not warrant being trapped and brought to us, and also for those outside our catchment area.

The Fox Unit (hospital) itself is based in a converted outbuilding on a piece of land attached to a residential property and is fitted with all the necessary equipment to house and care for 6 adult foxes at any one time, with some overflow accommodation when necessary. The cages in the unit are bespoke custom-made stainless steel veterinary cages which are used for short-term patients and those needing more hands-on care. We also have 2 outdoor pens, with 5 more currently under construction – a further pen, a large wild enclosure and a second fox unit are also in the planning stages. The outdoor pens are used for foxes who do not need to be in the veterinary cages and for those who have undergone their initial treatment but who are not yet ready for release, and these afford them more space and privacy. A new unit and large natural enclosure are also in the planning stages.

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