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The Parasol Project

The Parasol Project want to see a world where every disabled child and young person can enjoy the same rights and opportunities as their non-disabled peers including access to out of school play, social and creative activities.

To support young disabled people to have ‘full and effective participation and inclusion in society’ (UN Convention on the Rights of the Person with Disabilities), to unlock their potential and be more confident, independent and compassionate individuals.

We believe that disabled children and young people should enjoy the same rights and opportunities as other children and young people as set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, including access to activities that suit their needs, abilities and aspirations. Disabled peoples’ engagement with culture and the arts alongside and on equal terms with their able-bodied peers is an important element of an inclusive society.

In the spirit of inclusion, we also work with a number of other disadvantaged groups including siblings of those with disabilities, children in care, care leavers, young carers, and refugees.

Parasol have developed a unique inclusive culture allowing us to proactively encourage these differing groups to share and take ownership of our activities. This has a powerful impact on participants.

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