Trussell Trust


Charity Name: Trussell Trust

In the UK there are currently 13 million people living on, or below the poverty line. The Trussell Trust has developed a network of over 60 foodbanks that offer help and support to some of these people. In 2009/10 our foodbanks helped to feed over 40,000 people. We also offer ‘on the job’ training and volunteering opportunities to people who are excluded from society for social reasons. These reasons can be such things as mental health problems, learning difficulties, physical disabilities or social behavioural difficulties. We use our network of foodbanks and social enterprises, including shops, recycle centre, community garden, and on-line trading businesses, to help these people build confidence and fit back into society.

In Bulgaria we work with state care leavers and the Roma community. Bulgaria has one of the highest child abandonment problems in Europe with over 150 children abandoned every month. It also traffics over 10,000 women and children every year.   The Trussell Trust offers opportunities to Bulgarian state care leavers through our House of Opportunity programme. We invite them into a home environment for two years to help them to develop the necessary social skills that will allow them to fit back into society. We also work with Lipnitza School and Orphanage to help some of the most vulnerable children gain the necessary education to help them succeed in life. The children mainly come from the Bulgarian Roma communities, one of the most marginalised and impoverished communities in Europe.

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