Giveacar is a not-for-profit social enterprise that turns unwanted cars into cash for UK charities. We have no shareholders to reward, we’re not affiliated to any corporate salvage business, and we don’t make a profit from your car donation. Instead, we aim to maximise the value of your vehicle. So after years of faithful service to you, your car will fetch the most it can so it can do the most good.

Giveacar handles over 100 vehicles a month, donating thousands of pounds to charity in the process. We were the first service of its kind in the UK, allowing charities to tap into a new source of funds. We work for charities, but we also work for vehicle owners too - our service is a quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted cars, motorbikes or caravans whilst ensuring that they as much money as possible for your chosen charity.

Our Values

For charity not for profit:

Giveacar operates as a non-profit organization, prioritizing the mission of supporting charitable causes over personal or financial gain.


We have processed over 40500 donations and are trusted by thousands of UK charities. We ensure that every donation is triple-checked to make sure the right amount goes to the right charity. We let our donors know when the funds have been paid and encourage charities to thank them.

We are independent:

We are not tied to one charity or to one firm. We have no shareholders to reward. We work with any registered UK charity and a range of different contractors up and down the country, to make sure we get the best prices.

Maximizing Impact:

Giveacar aims to maximize the value of each and every donation. Our in-house experts work hard to get the best possible trade value. We operate independently and aren't tied to any specific contractor. We choose a scrap/auction partner based on whoever can provide the highest value.


Giveacar values transparency in its operations and strives to ensure that both donors and charities are aware of our fees and any associated costs. We ensure that we manage donors’ expectations around the value of their vehicles.

Environmental Responsibility:

Giveacar is dedicated to practicing environmentally responsible methods of vehicle disposal. We only use authorized treatment facilities to recycle vehicles for scrap, which ensures that 95% of its materials are recycled.

Support for Small Charities:

Giveacar champions small charities, recognizing their unique contributions to communities and providing them with opportunities for fundraising and increased visibility.

Excellent customer service:

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Currently we have a trust score of 4.7/5 amalgamated from hundreds of reviews.

Our team:

We value our employees including our Directors who volunteer their services. We ensure fair wages for everyone except the Directors who work without compensation. Our very small team of 4 run a tight ship.


We are a lean operation, whose main goal is to make as much money for charity as possible. We reinvest any surplus straight back into the company so that we can continue to make even more money for charities in future.


Vehicles donated

Projects Funded in 2023

£ Million