Healthcare Workers’ Foundation


Charity Name: Healthcare Workers’ Foundation

The Healthcare Workers’ Foundation is a charity created, and continues to be led, by healthcare workers, for healthcare workers. Set up as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are fully committed to improving the welfare and wellbeing of healthcare workers throughout the UK, via our range of support services, research projects and awareness and advocacy work.  During the pandemic we delivered over half a million units of service and items to NHS workers, including 900 meals a day from HWF partners to hospitals, free access to counselling and childcare grants for those in financial need.

“Support from HWF has been overwhelming in helping to
ease (our) pain. They have supported us in ways we couldn’t
have imagined. It’s a rough journey, but they are helping us
deal with it. As well as providing access to bereavement
counselling and therapy, checking on us regularly, HWF
helped secure a four-week accounting internship and
is supporting our daughter in her A-level studies.”
Ken, supported by HWF Families Programme

There are around two million people working in healthcare across the UK.  Many of these workers have endured some of most trying years of their careers and are, as result, suffering from mental health issues and struggling to find a wellbeing balance.  That is where we come in; as a small organisation, we can respond promptly to requests for support, so that we can improve the welfare and wellbeing of healthcare workers, when it is needed most.

“Counselling really saved me. I cannot even think of where
I would be now, had it not been for my counselling.”
Emily, A & E Receptionist

We are reliant on the generosity of those who kindly support our cause to help us continue our invaluable work. With the increased pressures on those working in healthcare, we know that the demand for our services will continue to rise.

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