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People Matters

People Matters was established in 2002 and supports both adults and young people who are disadvantaged because of their learning disability, their autism or any other disability.

The organisation provides a range of holistic and complementary services to support our members, which includes:

  • 1-1 individual support    – support is tailored to what the members need and is a very flexible and person centred way of delivering support
  • Employment support  – this is a staged approach to supporting our members to get into employment, ranging from intensive support to light touch
  • Nourishing People – this is a social enterprise within people matters where our trainees (members) benefit from intensive support to enjoy meaningful work in a real business creating and selling healthy snacks
  • Wellbeing groups – these groups support our members overall health and wellbeing, with a focus on mental health, being healthy and active, self care and relationships
  • Social groups – we have 7 weekly social groups for members to join to reduce isolation and make friends.

Your donation is really important to us and we are really grateful for any help to support us to continue to deliver the much needed services for our members in Leeds.

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