St Peter’s Hospice


Charity Name: St Peter’s Hospice

St Peter’s Hospice provides specialised medical care and support for patients with a terminal illness.  Our aim is to provide a community service for the Bristol area, offering free care and support to people suffering from an incurable illness.  The holistic care offered is designed to meet the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of our patients and carers.

We offer a range of service which include community nurses who visit patients
in their own homes offering psychological support and symptom contol.  We
have an 18 bed in patient unit where patients receive specialised medical
care to help can pain under control and our day hospice where patients can be
with other patients going through similar emotions.  They also receive
medical care along with various complementary therapies and social
activities.  We also have a team of hospice at home nurses who provide 24
hour care in the patients home in the last few weeks of life.

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