Triathlon Trust


Charity Name: Triathlon Trust

We give children the opportunity to realise their potential through multisport

For the first time ever, our younger generations are growing up less fit and active than their parents. Currently, just 23% of boys and 20% of girls meet the national recommended level of activity. Furthermore, 1 in 5 children start primary school overweight or obese, rising to more than a third by the time they leave.

Not only is obesity a serious and growing problem, it is also a significant contributor to health inequality as the most deprived children are twice as likely to be obese than the least deprived children.

The Triathlon Trust was set up with the aim to of changing this situation by inspiring children and families to get more active, using the engaging sport of triathlon.

Promoting active lifestyles from childhood can help set young lives on a healthier path. Children who engage in regular physical activity are mentally and physically healthier and happier. Physical activity throughout childhood can also have substantial social benefits and improve academic performance.

Since 2012, the Triathlon Trust has delivered over 150,000 ‘Active Days’ providing children with a fun, positive and inclusive experience of sport and showing them how being active can lead to a healthier, more fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle.

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