Voices Of The Holocaust

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Voices Of The Holocaust

Voices of the Holocaust is a small but critically acclaimed theatre company dedicated to preserving the memories and stories of Holocaust survivors. As the door gradually closes on our time working directly with survivors to tell their stories for future generations, we must seize this chance whilst we still can.

Founded with the objective to ensure that the voices of survivors and victims of the Holocaust would not be lost in the post survivor era and that, if the stories were told in the right way, that theatre could be the surrogate human voice to continue telling stories that needed to be told…

Voices creates professional high quality performances that tour schools across the UK. Each production is accompanied by an education programme to engage young people in learning about the Holocaust, but that also aims to inspire and refresh the pedagogical approaches of their teachers. 

Our programmes empower schools to embed their own ongoing cross-curricular whole school subject (History, Drama, SMSC etc) projects with performances as a creative catalyst or starting point. 

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